Root veg pasta with sage butter

I have got a bit gardening obsessed lately and I am fast running out of room for all my pots. I keep telling myself I need to buy more flowers to add some more colour but I’m a bit addicted to herbs (I saw some beautiful red thyme on Saturday but I was good and didn’t buy it, mainly because I didn’t have anywhere to put it). The problem is I’m not a very adventurous cook when it comes to herbs and unless a recipe calls for them they easily get overlooked. So I have embarked on a mission to use more herbs!

Today’s recipe was a simple pasta using some of my sage (which has grown a bit too bushy and suffering from yellow leaves and so is the most desperate for regular use). This was enough for one adult and one child.


Handful each of carrot, parsnip and sweet potato, approx. 1cm cubes

Sprig of sage, leaves only

4oz pasta

3tbsp butter




Roast vegetables at 200C for about 30-40 minutes

Cook pasta according to packet instructions

Meanwhile, melt butter and fry sage leaves until fragrant

Mix everything together and enjoy – preferably outside in the sunshine!


Herbs in my garden:

Sage * Rosemary * Chives * Mint * Lemon balm * Golden marjoram * Oregano * Lavender (not suitable for eating)

20160716_101421.jpgI have also this weekend prepared some sage oil, and some rosemary and chilli oil, as well as dried some herbs for use in soaps. I have made a batch of soaps with lemon balm in tonight, however, there seems to have been some strange reaction but I am not sure whether that is due to the lemon balm or the jojoba wax (which I have also not used in my soaps before). I am suspecting the lemon balm as the reaction is greater in the soaps with more of it!



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