Summer berry tea jelly

20160515_171550[1]I’m not a big dessert person. Give me chocolate or biscuits and I’ll ravage the lot, but when it comes to making desserts at home I’m not particularly adventurous and I don’t enjoy making them anywhere near as much as savoury dishes. My repertoire of desserts is crumble, bread and budding pudding and rice pudding, and this is usually only at weekends.

Last weekend, however, I was minus all the ingredients for all of the above. Raiding the cupboards I found a box of gelatine sachets that I had bought to make a jelly that was an epic failure (saved, somewhat, as a chewy orange sorbet). I thought I would try again, although I had nothing to flavour it with. Until I remembered I had a couple of teaspoons of a summer berry fruit tea left in the tea caddy and ta-da! I boiled the kettle, brewed the tea along with a tablespoon of sugar, and when it had cooled I made the jelly according to the packet’s instructions. And, yay! It set!

Personally, the flavour was very subtle and in need of more sugar, but the boys wolfed it down, and it is certainly something I will experiment with again – and a good way of using up all the random flavoured tea leaves/tea bags that I seem to collect! (Another good use for these is for macerating fruit, or making tea loaves.)

(I have since discovered I still had some beetroot brownies in the freezer, so that’s next Saturday sorted!)



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