Honey and mustard sauce

This recipe could be adapted as a sauce, dip, condiment or salad dressing.  I served it alongside gammon and roasted root vegetables and it worked a dream.

I had some creme fraiche to use up – I’d flavoured some the night before with harissa to go with Moroccan-style cod – and wanted to use the rest with the gammon and the flavour combo had to be honey and mustard. Bur, alas,  I had finally finished the (two) jar(s) of mustard that had been in the fridge since goodness knows when! Then I remembered the mustard seeds bought so long ago for a singular recipe and since forgotten about. But no longer! I am never buying mustard again after this little bit of magic.


50g creme fraiche
1tsp honey
1tsp black mustard seeds
Lemon juice

Crush the mustard seeds and mix into the creme fraiche along with the honey. Add lemon juice to your taste.

Food stuff used up:
Creme fraiche * Lemon


I always buy creme fraiche for a recipe and never know what to do with the rest but it is so versatile. Try adding curry powder/paste and a squirt of lime juice, or to serve with a pudding a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Pureed/mashed fruit and vegetables also make a good dip or dessert.


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